Editor’s note: This is part of an ongoing series about Community Cancer Services to support Leadership Sandpoint’s “Got Gas” fundraiser. For more information please call (208) 255-2301 or email

February 2011, I was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer with metastis to the liver. The main tumor was attached to my pancreas and my liver was 90 percent tumors.

We found a doctor at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Dr. Edward Lin who took me on and against the odds put me on treatment that almost a year later I was on my way to remission. Unfortunately we found in August 2012 the cancer had mutated making my treatment not effective, the tumors in the liver began to grow back and some found in a lymph node below the liver.

Treatments have consisted of seven different forms of chemotherapy, oral and IV, experimental combination; surgeries removing tumors, my first in December 2011 when the main tumor was removed and September 2012 where a fast-growing tumor was removed off my liver and removal of a lymph node.

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