Group Counseling

We are now offering group counseling on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 2 PM at our office at 1205 Highway 2 Suite 101B Sandpoint, ID 83864. Call 208-255-2301 to see if it’s what you have been looking for. Enjoy the support of others who have been through treatment in a comfortable and caring environment. Led by a professional counselor and/or a survivor.

Individual Counseling


Sara Muckler is a Licensed Professionla Counselor and has been serving CCS clients, caregivers and family members since June of 2018.  Counseling sessions are by appointment only.  Please call our office at 255-2301 to schedule an appointment and learn about our services.

 “When I discovered Community Cancer Services and realized the amazing work being done here, I thought, wow! I want to be part of this! I am incredibly thrilled and humbled to be here at CCS and to be able to serve our community.”

Sara grew up in Sandpoint and obtained a Bachelors of Science in Communications from the University of Idaho and later a Master of Arts in Psychology with an emphasis on Family Systems from Saybrook University. After living in Seattle for many years, she returned to the area in the spring of 2018. Sara has worked as a mental health therapist in private practice, as an emergency room social worker, and has worked with adults and elders in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. She has worked, as well, with people of all ages who are dealing with long-term health issues, as well as those who have experienced loss.

 “My personal experience in counseling and dealing with the loss of a parent from cancer led me to want to help others. I am continually humbled and inspired by the insights, growth, and self-discovery that occur in the therapeutic process. One thing that I’ve learned through my own experience and in working with others is that you do not have to deal with big life events by yourself. It’s ok and actually really helpful to have a dedicated someone to talk to.”